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Day 77



Everyone has a voice. The negative poke to the top.

That Dangerous Voice

The current administration misinforms us with alternating and vague information. He supports white supremacy and violence by “white” people.

Compare these tweets:

The discrepancy in who and what he cares about is clear, as written about most recently in the Atlantic “Trump Is the Looter–The president is exposing problems in America that most did not want to see.”

Yes, we have problems in America, but we once had a dream and voices to support each other, voices that are now undermined because the voices of the few who hold radical views are amplified by the president.

We must also speak up and out, in support of one another.  As Shana White tweeted:

Yesterday, I wrote about building bridges to understand other’s voice; now we need to join voices to bring back our dreams for America, an America that represents all of us, not the few friends of the king. I know we were not perfect, and yes, this president has brought anger out as those who have felt “whiteness” fade have taken a stand in anger and those of color who have always felt the discrimination and now must be heard due to the overt actions of the others take  their stand in anger.

We are all “others” to each other.  But we must fight this battle, and raise up our voices together to show our support for a diverse America.

That Chaotic Voice

Next, we are being strangled by gaslighting– the chaos of manipulated, deceitful, and mis–information. Psychology Today explains here and the Guardian explains the current administration’s use of it here.

So our voices must deflate it, and amplify our own views and dreams for our America — a United States of Americans, one diverse America.

Our Voices

George Lackoff, linguist, explains how to deflate these attacks on our voices and our dreams in his books, and the process is summarized here by Jay Rosen:


More information, here, at LA Times.

If you look at Facebook and Twitter, you would might be dismayed at the extreme posts, but know this: most of these are bots.

Artificial personas are coming, and they’re poised to take over political debate. The risk arises from two separate threads coming together: artificial-intelligence-driven text generation and social-media chatbots. These computer-generated “people” will drown out actual human discussions on the internet.

Bots Are Destroying Political Discourse As We Know It, The Atlantic Jan 7, 2020

See also Washington Post article here.

Be aware of this, and continue to speak up for others.  I am a pacifist; violence solves nothing but the end of life. As Martin Luther King, Jr has said, “Violence is the language of the unheard.” We must be better at speaking up and at listening, but it will take all of us speaking up with our voices — in speech, in writing, in posters, in committees, in courts, every where to expect change and growth into united Americans. We must ask those hurting what they need, and speak to those.

Right now people are protecting peacefully the sacred spaces of the recent violence. Those are the voices we need to support. And we need to bring people back into conversations to peacefully express their grievances and their mourning.

Amplify your voice in support of all Americans.

I know this post is not enough. I know I have much to know and learn. But his I believe:

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other? ~ George Eliot

United States of Americans posts

Note: This post was inspired by the hope that speaking up will connect us together as Americans. It was inspired by strategies in a new class I’m taking at Skillshare: A Limited Palette by Liz Kohler Brown. Her class is NOT about social action, but is about color and composition. That finally gave me a way to express my patriotic feelings about our democracy, which is under attack by the current administration’s unAmerican policies that affect most Americans [examples: no national COVID response, denial of health care, misinformation, belittling behavior]. It’s very hard to speak up– it’s like I’m not focusing on the good– but saying nothing about the behavior of our executive branch would be forfeiting my voice as an American who disagrees with the chaos.

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