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Day 94 Sow the Seeds

Sow Compassion small

Re-Discover History

Post Day 81, Sow and Share explained the why and the how of digging in to understanding Black issues today– the ongoing struggle of living with fear and discriminatory policies and practices. It’s past time to open our eyes to these problems, which are based on the false mirage of the concept of “race.” We are 99% the same.


How To Be An Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

This book is a great place to understanding the history, culture, and enigma that is the mirage of race, and the power struggle its policies create.

It’s time to set aside our fears and our own perceptions and set forward understanding and action to recognize and end the concept of race that has created the culture and policies that perpetuate the narrative and the every day struggle of Blacks in this country, the United States.

Sow Seeds of Understanding

Learn about and then sow the seeds of understanding — spread the compassion to our fellow human beings in support of their calls for action and for unlearning what history has cast to us. We must change the future. By supporting this moment in this time, we support healthy living and standards for all people– but it starts here, with the struggle for Black Lives Matter.

We have not been listening. We have not been acting.

So start.  One way is to read and listen to the words of those in the struggle. Two ways to start:

  1. Jennifer Gonzalez‘s Cult of Pedagogy website includes this book list with links to interviews, podcasts, and guides.
  2. Joe Truss, middle school principal and leader in culturally responsive leadership, suggests books that won’t let you turn away again: 40+ Books for AntiRacist Teachers – White Fragiles Beware! (summer 2020 update)

That’s right: Form book clubs; blog; bring conversations forward; stand up to this history and struggle in daily living.

For beginner’s read, try these articles:

Just start to understand. Please.

You may want to continue sharing and learning with others from this Tweet:

Spread Compassion

Dig in to the history, the culture, the policies of racism in order to learn antiracism. Then act. Spread compassion. Start the future that forces a truth about our misguided and inhumane structures of Blackness.

United we stand.

Only then can we heal us all.

What’s your own call to action?

Create seeds of compassion: Share it. Draw it. Sing it. Dance it. Post it. Collaborate with others.

Better your neighborhood. Better your community. Better the world.


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