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Day 15

Walk_In_The_Rain_Umbrella_ small

Bumbershoot is another word for umbrella, according to Merriam-Webster. Sitting at home, waiting for April showers, provides time for looking up information we might otherwise ignore. Today, it was umbrella. As I drew this picture, I instantly thought, “This is a bumbershoot.” It’s too big for the child, and yet, there s/he is walking in the rain, safe beneath the umbrella.

My search terms were “history of umbrellas” and “umbrellas in art,” because I know many impressionists painted umbrellas. I chose the following sites of the many because I can tell who is providing the information and can verify the information in other places.

Wikipedia [a first stop for general information]: Umbrella

Wikimedia includes several categories of media about umbrella: Media Index, including a category for my search “Umbrellas in Art.” The site even provides a slideshow of this category: Slideshow of Umbrellas in Art. I love this public domain art by Maurice Brazil Prendergast done in 1899:


Google Culture and Arts provides current, historical, and art history about umbrellas: Umbrella or Parasol. It includes a 1890 painting of a Japanese umbrella maker from the Getty Museum. includes this information about art history and the umbrella: A Plethora of Umbrellas  I found this by adding this search term: site:edu

Architecture Art Designs shares 23 Incredible Umbrella Installations — artistic displays with umbrellas.

Project Gutenberg provides an ebook about the History of Umbrellas.

So today, I journeyed through time and art to discover a wonderful world of umbrellas, dating far back into Chinese history in the sixth century. For shade and protection from storms, these unique inventions have been with humans a long time.

Now, what captures your imagination? What will you search for?

This post is a Slice of My Life, part of a March Slice of Life by The Two Writing Teachers with tweets at #sol20


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