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Day 4

fakefish small

On our daily walk today, I nursed a sore knee, and we walked a bit slower. We enjoyed the light breeze, the songbirds, and new buds of bluebells. Because my knee hurt, we decided to just limp around the “loop”– down the street, around the cul de sac, and back home. At the cul de sac, I looked down the sidewalk to the next street and said, “What’s that in the sidewalk?”

Scott said, “It looks like a sock?”

“No, is it a dead animal?”

“Oh, you mean closer to us.”

We both turned to walk over to the thing. “Did an eagle or osprey drop a fish?” I  wondered.

Scott moved closer and laughed. “Look; it’s fake. It was hanging in someone’s yard. Look at the black string.”


And we returned to our walk and my knee no longer hurt. Scott said, “I guess that’s what coaches mean when they say, ‘Walk it off.'”

“I guess so.”

That was a fun spot in our little day in the dark times, as was this tweet from the Puyallup Police Department:

Prompt:  Was there a time you saw an optical illusion or some other trick of site that you had to investigate?  Or some other “surprise” in your daily routine? 

This post is a Slice of My Life, part of a March Slice of Life by The Two Writing Teachers with tweets at #sol20.

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