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Day 3

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Finally, the president is doing something, very late, but finally. He says don’t gather in more than 10 people and stay home– to save lives. We really don’t know who is sick and so we’re behind in knowing what to do, and so this is not an overreaction, but rather an attempt to slow down the virus so our health facilities and workers are not overwhelmed.

Our state is closing so many things and asking  that people stay home, especially if you are older. The problem is: there is no cure, no vaccine, and no treatment. Let that sink in. If you get sick, it’s your body that must overcome the virus.

So, though we have purchased a new washer and dryer, our local store will keep them until — and this is our hopeful outlook — things get better. We don’t want anyone into our home who may, with no symptoms, have the virus. We are at risk and must take precautions.  That means, we’ll use our old dryer on “no heat” and tumble it a couple times, then hang them up on a clothesline outside or in the laundry room, like my mom did. I remember pulling frozen clothes off the line in winter.  I may need to find a clothes pin bag! And, if the older washer breaks, we’ll have to wash like my Grandmother did.


We’re watching Ann with an E, so I know it’s possible!

We can still walk outside and enjoy the sunshine. This weather is perfect; I dread the heat in summer, walking will be done early in the morning.

Our little world of people are under attack: stay safe. Stay home. Stay apart from each other. Hopefully, social distancing for eight weeks will flatten the curve by slowing the virus to protect our health care system, and thus, us.

Prompt: What is your day like? Have you started a journal?


This post is a Slice of My Life, part of a March Slice of Life by The Two Writing Teachers with tweets at #sol20.

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