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Perseverance is Hope


This poem, a gift of #poetryport with #clmooc for @medeathewriter, reminds us we are not alone, and that holding together, we will persevere through adversity and naysayers. Perseverance is hope– a hope held by all who believe in love and grace and the power of connections.

From the prompt, I wondered, “How do we persevere through adversity and negativity?” We know that the storm will pass, that we hold strong together. And that began the flow of words that I hope meets with the Medea’s intentions.

Thank you, @medeathewriter,  for the opportunity to create and share and connect with you through #clmooc.

If you would like to give or receive a poem, join in— as Medea wrote on Friendship [Friendship/Amistad/Amicizia ] in our collaborative set of Slides.

Click here: Give a poem or get a poem! Come Sail Into Poetry Port and add some art too!



Daunting dark clouds

roll and rage across the sky,

pelting rain pricks my face

I bow my head with grace,

headed toward that break,

that ray of sun—

a smile on the face of a friend.


Notice the naysayers’

noise and no’s among the voices,

vicious shouts to my face,

I raise my head with grace,

steadfast in new endeavors,

gathered together—

support in the midst of friends.


Hold fast and together

Live and learn through the din,

Loving acts grow into grace,

be that beneficent face,

forging ahead of hate—

that force of life—

a hope within legions of love.

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Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
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