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A Wish For A Puddle


A poem, a gift of #poetryport with #clmooc for @karenatsharon is a wish for an awakening of more minds as to our fatal future if the earth continues to warm past the livable habitat for humanity.  Of course, the little creatures in their spores and cysts can just wait for thousands of years after we’ve passed on and they can begin again when the water renews them. I wish to strive to save our puddle– how about you?

A Wish for A Puddle

A walk

as sunbeams split

dark clouds

dropping their last


plopping in the


I stop to ponder.


A wonder

of dried earth absorbing

drop after drop

refreshing the dusty


rejuvenating in the


I pause to imagine.


A creature

in dormancy opens

renewed life

stretching their drenched


swimming in the


I know will wither.


A puddle

as sun rays heat

muddy edges

shrinking their last


drying away the


I watch disappear.


A reflection

of me watching

dehydrating creatures

rebuilding protective


drying in the


I no longer see.


A sadness

as sunshine warms

my world

warming our last


no cysts for us in the


I know as earth.


A wish

as we awaken

our world

warning our last


striving to save our


in the universe.


About Life in a Puddle:

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About Climate change:

10 Things You Can Do to Stop Climate Change [David Suzuki]


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