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Peace and Justice

peace_justice_clmooc smPeace

No peace without justice;

No justice when the greedy, the vengeful,

The lawless dispense death to the defenders

Unfettered, upheld by dollars and bullets and lies,

Lacking love and humanity, holding court

To extort the beauty and beneficence

Of Mother Earth and her defenders

Until, too late, the planet dies.


No peace without justice

No justice when two ideals divide:

Those who fear and reside in walled-in exclusion

Those who accept and welcome in trust and inclusion

A cycle where the only salvation is civilization,

Strengthening the roots in our human history of building

To explore the beauty and beneficence

Of Mother Earth for our descendants

So, in wonder, the planet survives.


Protecting the Protectors — Can we?

I’m hoping humans will regain their humanity and honor those who defend the earth for our children’s children and onward.

Did you know that two activists fighting to preserve the monarch butterfly were killed this year?

“Something strange is happening, because they’re finishing off all the activists, the people who are doing something for society,” Gomez Gonzalez’s brother, Amado Gomez, told The Associated Press.  “I would like to ask the authorities to do their job and do more to protect activists like my brother, because lately in Mexico a lot of activists have died. With his death, not only my family lost a loved one; but the whole world, and the monarch butterfly and the forests lost, too.”

New York Post, 2/08/2020

These two people helped protect the monarch butterfly, a stunning creature whose migration to winter homes find that home in Mexico.


more than half of overwintering colonies of the monarch butterfly’s eastern population are found in these specific areas of Mexico.

But the same forests that draw butterflies to migrate thousands of miles each winter are under threat from illegal logging and clandestine avocado farms.”

NPR: Sadness and Worry…

Unesco lists this preserve in its World Heritage lists. It’s one of the many ways we humans care for the creatures of our earth. How will we protect the protectors, the defenders of our environment?

I’ve no news found of the justice for these men.

That’s a question we need to answer– don’t you think?

Monarch Butterflies

I do have information on Monarch Butterflies:

Journey North Monarch Butterflies: Tracking Monarch Butterflies each fall and spring — for educators

Fish and Wildlife Service: Save the Monarch— many ways to help from the US Fish and Wildlife Service

National Geographic: Monarch Butterfly— all about the amazing creatures

National Wildlife Federation — information about the creatures and how to be a Butterfly Hero

These are things you can do as a protector and defender of our planet earth, in your own small way, even if we can’t do the big things– like protect the protectors.


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  1. I appreciate how you are framing your poems with research and information, putting your lovely evocative words (and art) into a context.

    This —> “Strengthening the roots in our human history”


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