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Create Not Devastate

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Are you worn out? Is the chaos and every-day-another-attack-on-our-climate-environment-humanity causing debilitating melancholy?

Be Resolute and Resilient: Hold your values close and expect them around you– act locally.

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We are in a storm that may sink our Constitution and our democratic republic. Even this week the “above-the-law” president seems to be in a retaliation against those he considers his enemies and seems to have interfered in the legal system to benefit his friends.

What is wrong?

A great article in the Atlantic explains the ethics of “republican virtue”– the ideas of our representatives, our elected officials, and ourselves to do what is for the public interest, for our domestic tranquility: A Republic, If We Can Keep It.

It means curbing one’s passions and moderating one’s opinions in order to achieve a large consensus that will ensure domestic tranquility. We think of public-spiritedness as a form of self-expression, an exercise in self-righteousness. The Founders thought of it as a form of self-control, an exercise in self-government.

Irving Kristol [his essay] [TheAtlantic Article]

Each of us must consider this virtue– this attitude of self-government for the common interests.  And we must vote for those who believe and ACT in such a way.

The Atlantic has teamed up with The National Constitution Center to create information about “The Battle for the Constitution.”  Keep informed, and act locally with your own values that defend our republic.

A republic, if we can keep it.

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