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Gratitude for a Shining Light


Daniel Is

Shining a light

On plight,

Sharing a map

To grasp a path

Of compassion

From birth to

Each passion

In each neighborhood

For the common good

Bringing together




To steer resources

To flow and show

Choices for each

Child, infant to adult,

Getting results:

Motivated by the

Motivators and

Living full lives.

Daniel Bassill has been developing and sharing tutor/mentor programs since 1972! He understands the need for a community of resources and volunteers to support our precious children from birth to career.

How does he do that, and how do we do that?

Read his blog! Tutor Mentor Institute and search both his blog and his websites: Tutor/Mentor Connection  and  Tutor Mentor Exchange

Read his newsletter.

Daniel’s work has helped thousands of children in the Chicago area, and his work is replicable to any community.  Here’s a scribe document of the strategies.

These strategies have been so successful (see Youth Leaders), that Daniel has achieved many recognitions. Because he “sticks his neck out,” he was named a Giraffe: Hero Story Daniel Bassill.

In Daniel’s words:

The Tutor/Mentor Connection/Institute, LLC is an information-based resource to help people build and sustain volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs reaching youth in high poverty neighborhoods of Chicago and other cities…

Let’s create a world where all kids have greater hope and opportunity.
Help more kids in high poverty areas connect in organized volunteer-based
tutor/mentor programs.

~Tutor/Mentor Exchange, Daniel Bassill

To inspire you to follow his guidelines, please watch Daniel’s video:

And so, I am so grateful for all of his work. So, I tried to honor him with this portrait and poem of his mission and amazing work. He is truly a shining light in our world.

Please support this work by donating to his organization:

If you can’t follow his strategies, but would like to help him continue his work, scroll down on THIS PAGE to donate via PayPal.

Thank you, Daniel!

Thank you to those who help through your donations or community work.

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