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Christmas Tree and Gifts

WC22Christmastreeonly sm

Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate.

Day 22 Christmas Tree with Lights and Day 23 Gifts

Of course, many people celebrate Christmas, so in December a Christmas tree with lights is a familiar holiday image. And, under that tree, gifts given to loved ones are part of that image.

The images that are mostly white are pngs with transparent backgrounds so they can be combined with other images — so here’s the tree for Day 22 with Day 23’s gifts:

wc2223ChristmasTreeGifts sm

Or how about a surprise tree on a country path:

WC22Christmastree_scene sm


Tree and Gifts

Interesting techniques here for a pretty quick tree and lights — use a gouache brush in strokes that overlap in the inner areas of the tree branches, but leave the light green strokes more outwardly not covered by next brush strokes.

The usual technique of creating a glowing light is applied here. [See Star Bright]

When I added the gifts, I selected with “free form” and then copied part of the left lower branch and pasted it into another layer above the gifts, so part of the tree covers the gifts.


wc23gift_flat sm

Love the effects on this: using texture brushes set on “multiply” to blend the colors into the layers below. In the blue box, in the multiply layer, I added lighter and dark blue and a lighter and darker sea-green color as well. Some of us call these Seahawk colors! Go Seahawks!

But– it’s flat– the images are two dimensional. What do you do?

This was not easy to do– because of all the layers: lower box, lid of box, stripes, ribbon. Each of those needed shading by using a grey color in “dry ink” brush on a clipping mask set to multiply for each of those layers. See the shadows below the lid and to the right of each vertical ribbon and each box?

w23gift.depth sm

Also notice the top of each box, there’s a highlight,: a clipping area above each lid with just a skimpy light grey “dry ink” broken line across each top with the layer set to “lighten” and “screen.” I then applied the Gaussian blur to blend it into the depth of the box.

Oh– Oh– Oh. One more thing on the gifts: After creating the green gift– the flat version, without shading– I placed all the layers into a group. Then I could duplicate that original group four more times. With each of those, I applied a different hue or saturation to create the different colors. I flipped a couple horizontally and changed the ribbons.

I do not know if I could have done  this with the shading in place — I created all the shading after noticing the “flatness” of that first gift image. Do you know if it would still work– to adjust hue with the shading and highlighting in place already?

The gifts were very fun to create by applying my new skills. The “gifts” are one of my favorite of the challenges so far!  What do you think? My husband says I should submit it to Adobe for their stock images.

Note for Teachers

Now, if you are a teacher, think how delighted any of your students would be to learn to create such images — think how these could be applied to their app creations and characters. Here is the Comment Sense review of ProCreate. ProCreate is $9.99 for the iPad– it works best with the Apple pencil, which has more uses than just art [see link]. I am not an artist, but through practice and trying out things, learning from YouTube and other classes– this app is one way to become a creator, rather than just a consumer.

Art expands our thinking and understanding– and the process of design is one that all us us can benefit from — learning how to create an amazing visual that holds attention and provides information is a key literacy goal for today. And, learning how to create such also helps provide a foundation for analyzing all the information that comes flying at us– and knowing what the intent and bias may be.

Art is an educational must; and ProCreate on the iPad is a great way to learn.

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