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Star Bright

WC20 Star sm

Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate.

Day 20 Star

Just can’t stop looking at these mesmerizing stars. These days, they could be real, with small LED lights inside to create a glow through the colors.

This reminds me of midnight walks on a bright winter night as snow falls as if dust from the stars in the sky. The deepening snow glistens in the city lights and the crunch across the pathway marks the rhythm for the ever changing sparkles of each fallen snowflake. Father Winter bites the nose and we bundle up further, wrapping a scarf around the face, leaving just the eyes to appreciate  the beauty of a cold and peaceful winter night. And then, at the turn at the corner, a beautiful tree appears, filled with shining hanging stars.  Just like these.


The Glow 

Using an airbrush in the color of your choice, a bright yellow-orange here, draw a circle the size of the light you’re looking for. Decrease the size of your brush to insert a bit lighter value of your chosen color in the center of your first circle. Finally, in white and a very small size, draw an even smaller circle as the light source. Group these so you can duplicate this original light to place over the area you want to “glow.”

The Bright Glow

Each of the stars in the image includes a brighter area that glows and reflects onto the areas around it. That was created with a brush/stamp called “Flare,” stamping it once in a very light yellow and moving it over the areas that best create a “shine.” Duplicate that flare each time time to move to a new area. The “Flare” brush is part of ProCreate.

I appreciate the brushes shared for special effects that are included for use in the class at SkillShare by Jennifer Nichols.

Skillshare has so many courses for learning how to use ProCreate; I’m so glad I took a chance and subscribed to it. Each class shares exactly how to create the drawings, paint in many ways, create texture, create dimension, and so much more. Very worth the price.

Creating Your Own Brushes

Do you want to learn about making your own brushes using the library provided in ProCreate?  Watch this:

How about creating your own brushes from photographs?  Here’s a wonderful step-by-step tutorial:


See Jennifer Nichol’s Skillshare Challenge here.

Art Techniques on my blog for this challenge.

My work for the challenge on Flickr.

Other art at my shop:

Star Bright on Flickr


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