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Hot Cocoa

Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate

Day 17 Hot Cocoa

One of my favorite winter drinks, sipped from a yellow mug, part of my first set of dishes as a young wife and mother, brings back holiday memories of sledding and skating, snowmen and snow angels– with my own kids or as child.

We didn’t have Nestle’s Quick Hot Chocolate; we mixed our own- a bittersweet cocoa, more cocoa than sweet:

Per cup:

2 Tbs Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder

1 TB or less sugar

Stir to mix.

Add a bit of hot milk and stir into a thick syrup.

Add more hot milk to fill cup.

Stir thoroughly.

Drop in large marshmallows.

Mmmmm… I still make my own hot cocoa– how about you?


One Technique:

ProCreate has a nifty trick: If you draw a line and hold the end, the app will straighten the line for you. If you draw a circle shape and hold the end, it will smooth the shape; and if you tap one finger onto the screen as you hold the end, the app will make a perfect circle. Try this with squares, rectangles, arcs. After you’ve finished, you can, until you click out, edit the shape as needed.

That’s how the cup arc was created. Very nifty trick.

Is there anything else you know about drawing shapes that you could share?

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Update to Jumbo Marshmellows [on Flickr]

WC17 Hot Cocoa revised sm

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