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Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate

Day 18 Candies

Christmas candies come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors. I do not like those hard candies, especially the ones with the filling. I remember the disappointment of seeing a candy dish filled with the wavy green, yellow, red, and white striped solid sugar candies — or the fruit shaped ones with filling. Please, add some M and Ms ?

So today, for the holiday candy prompt, I found a “candies” that I’d eat– cheesecake topped with M&Ms, gum drops, and peppermint spirals.

How big a piece do you want? Make one yourself: Holiday Cheesecake Recipe


The Plate

Again, the plate: this is a problem I always have– creating the depth in the plate. Today I discovered a few tricks– just by looking at several photographs of partial plates.

1. Drawing the Plate’s Outer Brim

Don’t try to draw the whole plate; instead created two arcs [draw the curve, then hold so the app creates a perfect arc] that expand the page to show only part of the plate.

Next, fill in between the arc for the outside of the plate and decorate; I used my gnomes from a previous project and also drew in a decorated tree, swirling a ribbon ink behind them all.

2. Fill the inner plate

Fill the the area that is the center of the plate with color [yellow] and use a texture brush with the same or slightly darker color on a clipping mask layer set to “multiply” to add in the shading/texture

3. The depth

Create two more arcs in the same place as the first two on a layer above. Had I realized this before, I could have duplicated the first two, but recreating them on separate layers allowed me to nudge them, if necessary. Remember that after drawing the arc [draw the curve, then hold so the app creates a perfect arc], you can click “edit shape” to perfectly extend, shorten, or place it.

For each arc, apply a little bit of Gaussian blur, which creates the illusion of depth.

I really liked the way it turned out. I also blurred the ornaments behind the plate– just slightly, to keep the focus on the cheesecake.

If you have any other tips or questions, please reply in the comments; maybe we can learn something together.

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