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WC16 Cookies sm

Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate

Day 16 Winter Challenge Cookies

Oh I love frosted sugar cookies– although I did not as a child. And now, I can’t eat them. But I can paint them in ProCreate. I chose the three I remember decorating as a child. I have a ways to go to get the  3D effect, but learning is a journey of continuous improvement, and sometimes a step back. I really wanted to create those silver balls we once used to make eyes or buttons on the snowman, but shiny metalic I just could not get.

The other issue is also how to place the lesson drawing for the day into a context– we’ve so many talented artists in the group that just add so much detail into their daily art. I decided on a holiday plate sitting on a table cloth of red linen.

A Technique

The Plate:

I drew the circle, duplicated it. I shrunk the duplicated circle to be the inner recessed area of the plate, so I darkened it slightly.  I duplicated each layer again, each duplication placed below its original layer and filled in black. Each of those I moved slightly to the lower right and applied the Gaussian Blur to create a shadow.  I also tried to add an airbrush shadow to the lower right on both parts of the plate, and one highlight in pale yellow to the top left of the plate.

The decorations on the plate you may recognize as elements from previous work in the challenge, just inserted, decreased in size, and arranged on the plate.

The words are created and curved in the app Over, then saved as an image, inserted, arranged, and colored in ProCreate.

Hope that helps you get started, and if you have an alternate way to do this, please share in the comments.

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