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Wreath 2

Wreath 2

Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate

Day 11 Winter Challenge Wreath


Yesterday, the challenge, Wreath, explained a bit about folklore and and my next step to add the background.


Earlier this year, I snapped a photo of the top of a picnic table, which I inserted as an image and cropped it to be the door on which the wreath hangs. I adjusted the hue for this version to be a blue to enhance the orange and red of the berries. On another layer, added texture across the image adds to the sense that it is a door.

I added a candle and wrote the poem.

A little fog added behind the poem brings out the text.

The Poem:


In winter, spirits linger

In the mist of frost and fog,

On the door, branch of pine

And sprig of holly

soften the whine

Of wind and worry,

welcoming friends

and strangers weary:

“Enter here for warmth within

newcomer, kith, and kin.”

What other ways could this wreath be enhanced?

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