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Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate

Day 12 Winter Challenge Gnome

Isn’t this little gnome cute?


The Beard:

The beard can be created using a dry streak brush, like an opaque gouache brush. If the blend mode is set to multiply, the steak overlaps will shade black, but white and light colors don’t work with that mode. I just used an opaque gouache brush to create the effect of the long strands of the beard. Erasing the ends of the beard with the same brush finishes the effect.

The Scene:

To create the scene, I imported the tree with the cardinal and added snow. In a duplicated and recolored the gnomes, changing the tassels on the hats. I painted a little squirrel with the beard technique, and added falling snow with the dotted brush.

Technique Two:

I looked at this image and noticed two things — first, see the twigs poking out of the right side of the green hat? Before saving projects, double check for little things that detract from the effect of the image. Those two twigs take the eye away from the idea.

Then, in my quote, I talked about sizes, but my gnomes re pretty close to the same size. The purple gnome could be much bigger, so I revised those elements and updated the image:

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