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Feldgang of a Pear Tree


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For our #CLmooc #Feldgang today, I looked closer at my pear tree. I’ve been taking photos over the past week and earlier in the spring in preparation of a “closer look.” Today’s Daily Connector asked us to explore one object closer, which was a great invitation for displaying my closer, in depth walk of my pear tree.

It had rained one day, and I noticed the lovely sparkle in the leaves as the sun peeked through the parting rain clouds. I snapped a few shots of the way nature holds together, water on the living plant, providing needed sustenance.

As I chose each photo for its part of the tree, I noticed one picture of I think a fly and a cluster of eggs of some sort. I had not even noticed that until I started enlarging my photos on the computer. All photos are from an iPhone, so I’m pretty pleased that I found the many special and needed components of my spectacular pear tree.

I even found in my tour of photos an old haiku:

Starburst sepal; ringed

rays’ thin filaments shadow

petals proclaiming pears.

Yes, the story of pears from nothing but a bud and flower into a delicious snack on a hot summer day.

You can share your closer looks with us; for more information: our #CLmooc #Feldgang

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