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Walk with Me: Feldgang of Felgangs

Feldgang of Feldgangs

Come take a fieldwalk, a feldgang of our feldgangs:

Yes, A Feldgang of our Feldgangs – click to link from image

Ronald reminds us to stand still, and writes a poem about the yellow flowers.

Daniel shares as always about ways to help together: 4 Ways of Giving

Greg finds a metaphor for learning in yard work.

Kim shares the lovely differentiation of clouds and the feelings they imbue on us.

Terry [Thank you for introducing us to feldgangs] reminds us that they are all in our minds.

Kevin takes an interesting walk through text and adds poetry.

Sarah finds the lovely calming of flowers on her walk.

Wendy looks closer for a perfect pinecone.

What did you find on your feldgang — your field walk through life, a path, or a text — to take a closer look at the world around us?

Want to know how to start? Check out the #CLmooc blog, and please join us in our  #feldgang #clmooc.

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