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Quick Quiche


A delicious recipe from AllRecipes: Egg and Sausage Casserole . We followed the video recipe, which is different from the text recipe. Here’s the adjusted recipe with our options added — we can eliminate the meat and add veggies. Can’t wait.


Go ahead. Make it tonight to feed your crowd on the Fourth of July!


PS: The house just shook: [1:05 PM] I think we had an earthquake! The rumble radiated through the house and slightly shook the doors on cabinets. I felt it sitting in my chair. I don’t see an event at Today’s Earthquakes, however. So, I suppose the Grand Coulee Dam powered up a few of its generators and that sudden power-up rippled around our ground and up through the houses. I guess I’ll take another bite of my quiche and wonder about it…

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