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Slice of Life Rounded

Autumn: cool days; sweatshirt time; even when the sun shines. Put on the warm, rounded slippers:


And share a cup of Sky Between the Branches tea from a rounded tin in a round teapot into a round cup… Lots of round here, including the tea measurer.


Put on my sweatshirt, head past the rounded butterfly wing of my painting, head outdoors for a walk in the sunshine while it lasts.


Visit the round Visiter’s Center:


Turn around to see the rounded outcrop of granite forming a rock wall behind town.


Choose the street with the orange colored maple leaves, still on the trees with rounded tops.


Enjoy  the contrast of the round fire hydrant and the orange maple leaves:


Find the round ghouls in the tree roots [this is Halloween]:


And the ghost next door:


Or this one with one eye:

Take the rounded path


Past the rounded stump:


Then back up to the rounded stone wall:


And round the curve to the bridge:


Take a curve in the curb



And home to a rounded cat


Waiting for you to sit beneath the rounded lamp to draw with your rounded pens:


To prepare for your NaNoWriMo with a well-rounded novel [with a little help] :

I’ll seek guidance from my SuperHero from #inktober


To create well-rounded characters:



That about rounds out my day today for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded!

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    • Yes, I did. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your post on “Get Work Done! – Creating a False Sense of Urgency” I can identify with this. I prioritize my tasks– and set my own earlier deadlines to get the most important ones done first. Yet, if it doesn’t work out, I know tomorrow is another day. It’s a good strategy.

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