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Slice of Life Peek


This week, the cold and snow arrived. Winter is my least favorite season — just because of the freezing ice so slippery and dangerous. Here the old and new lavender continue to  grow, peeking through the frost.

PEEK is this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, and with the leaves of our small town falling in greens, yellows, and reds, we can peek at things not usually seen.

For instance, across the river is a huge sandhill– left over from making the concrete for the dam.


That’s about a mile away– so it is huge!

And the first snow appears on those same hills:

IMG_9644peek snow.jpg

Of course our yard has an everyday peek at the dam:


And I love turning around to see our giant sycamore peeking over the roof at me. It’s leaves are the last to fall, often just before the last snowfall of spring.


Up the hill peek at immense towers of power, carrying electricity to warm the homes of the Pacific Northwest and even California. The grey clouds cannot quite hide the power of the sun either.


In the park, if your walk is slow and quiet, you’ll find yourself peeking at a herd of deer. Can you see them?


What I love about this time if year as the foliage falls away, are finding the paths hidden for the animal folk and perhaps a daring game of hide-n-seek by the neighborhood kids.


And if you peek closely at the three drops of water, you’ll see my reflection peeking back at you. I love this.


Everywhere, the leaves still try to peek through the daily light snow and frost, which almost melts during the day at this time of year.


Back at home, I find the same is true of the garden — fairies and florals peeking through the signs of winter.


And, in cleaning out the shed, we left out the old rocking horse, which twenty-one years ago entertained three of your oldest grandchildren. Now, it peeks out through the first day-long snow fall.


And, a delight even now: dandelions. I love dandelions because they refuse to stop growing– even now as winter falls forward.


And, in peeking around in the yard, I found a new plant — a yew we lost during last year’s harsh winter. It is, however, sprouting up in the wrong place. I hope to transplant it in the spring.


Finally, I encourage you to take time for evening naps with your furry friends, who seem to always be peeking even in slumber.


And take time to reflect on the beauty of the seasons, their annual flow and our own glow through old age.

Thank you for wandering around the neighborhood, peeking at this beautiful world.


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  1. What a wonderful assortment of photos! I just love the rocking horse and would happily rescue him for my grandchildren if I lived on the same continent! Poor thing ~ treasure him for the great grandchildren when they arrive and stay warm this winter x

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