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Slice of Life Glow

Glow. The Golden Hour. This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Sunrise is not for me, but I did capture two sunrise pictures within the last couple of weeks, when I was in Olympia:

IMG_9098 2_sunrise_Capitol_Lake

IMG_9101 2_sunrise_olympia.JPG

This one I added to my Black/White challenge:

IMG_9101 3bw.jpg

This week, the closest I got to the Golden Hour was a hike — well, it was almost rock climbing — up Fiddle Creek. Here’s a few views:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love this for a desktop pic:


Or these maple trees


And the best part is the sunlight still shining on the dancing leaves [I’m sure they are really fairies frolicking in their favorite season, where they paint the leaves in shimmering reds and yellows:


Enjoy your last autumn days [or Spring if you’re in the southern Hemisphere] and look ahead to new views of life.

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