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DotDay We Are A Rainbow

Today, September 15th is International Dot Day. It’s a day to join others around the world to “Make a mark and see where it takes you.” It’s day to discuss how we can “Make a mark, and make it matter.” It’s a day to consider and plan for how our words and actions have a ripple effect on the world.

Enjoy this animated video of Peter Reynold’s book The Dot:  Narrated/Animated The Dot Book   How will you “make your mark?” Try it — in any way that inspires you.

Need inspiration? Get ideas at International Dot Day.  See what others are doing at the hashtags #dotday and  #dotday17

Two other hashtags sponsoring Dot Day are The Daily Create at #tdc2076  and #clmooc Daily Connector [prompt here]at #dailyconnect

And make your dot. Share it out. Join the millions spreading goodness in the world.
Check out student work on padlet from Kevin Hodgson‘s sixth grade class–Dot Circle Word Stories.
For a HowTo art idea, see “DotDay ArtDay CLmooc,” a post from earlier this week.
Make your mark.  Make it matter. Be part of those spreading love through art in the world.  Come on! Let’s DOT our world with love!
We, on Earth, a rainbow of us–
a diverse spectrum in one humanity–
one humanity from many,
wrapping earth with hearts beating,
connecting our enlightened souls–
dots illuminating each other with wonder and love.
Sheri Edwards

Share your art. Share your dot. 

Make the world better.



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  1. Hi Sheri. I did not use dots, but did create a post today that mirrors the idea of your article. I used the idea of exploding fireworks to show how one person launches an idea, such as through a blog article. As that idea explodes through your social media it reaches a constellation of people. Then, some of these people share your idea, sort of like new blasts of fireworks spread from the original one. That reached even more people. A third, and fourth blast, then reach even more people. Every day each of us has the potential to launch an ideas and you and many in #clmooc and other on-line networks are doing that.

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