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Dot Day Fun Share


5 Dot Draw How To

Another #clmooc inspired collaboration: It will soon be International Dot Day and here’s some fun with dots. Just so you can make a few dots before you create your own Dot Day Make a Mark and Make it Matter!

Create and Share

Just follow the directions on the slides to make your action figure, add a small poem, and then share yours here– animation not required!

Just have some fun with dots and words!


Another place to share is Yap.Net


Art by Ron, shared on Flickr CC2.0 by Kevin

Another place to share is Yap.Net –a free, yet closed  network designed for members to share drafts of works in progress. The tagline is “A community of creative people who share unfinished work and ideas for feedback.” Read about it here.   You can register here, and know that the founder, Geoff, approves all members. It’s a space for creatives: artists, authors, photographers, etc., and is a great place to connect.



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