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SOL Waiting

We don’t need to wait. Time passes, and we can’t stop it for the wonderful happenings in our lives to continue. But “Waiting” is the topic for WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. I wondered what I could possibly capture to show that mental suspension of moving forward, those moments that can be of extreme emotions or just mundane boredom.

I waited for inspiration.I waited until Monday.


What could be waiting?

Then, of course, life happens.


Monday is trash day, and there were the trash cans, waiting as the sun rose for their favorite event of the week: a roller coaster ride on the dump truck. They get so excited, they close their eyes.

Of course, one of them could not wait and had to peek:



Then we noticed something amazing! The smoke-filled skies from the western United States had dissipated, finally blown away in the night.  Last Thursday I took this photo just up the hill of the smoke in the sky:

waiting_smoke_IMG_8105 3.JPG

Back inside, the cat waited in my spot on the couch. She waits, right on the edge, daring me to move her.

waiting_cat1FullSizeRender 47.jpg

Until of course, something moves.


I’ve a few art projects, waiting, empty page staring up at me.


So, what’s this waiting for?


It’s waiting for the horizontal line to grow into an ‘A.’


In the yard, the pile of wood is waiting for a fireplace — or to be moved elsewhere, since we don’t have a fireplace, but sadly, did have a diseased locust tree.


Of course, dandelions are waiting for the wind:



And the chalk waits for grandchildren.

waiting_chalk_FullSizeRender 46 copy.jpg

And that photo is waiting for words:


So, as Yoda says, “Inspiration you want? Wait, you must.”


And that is Tuesday’s Slice of Life. And — Oh. I can’t wait until tomorrow’s prompt. 🙂

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