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Slice: Shiny Distractions


Just sitting in my yard, I find myself imagining stories in the filtered light shining through the sycamore and grape vine leaves, light that creates mottled shadows on the leaves and ground, shade that eases the heat of the hot summer days.

The canopy with songbirds and spiderwebs often grab my attention, enough to capture the green and dark and light in many photos on my iPhone.

Sometimes, I look closer at the natural dangles, hanging in mini-sunballs:

which spiders gather in their webs:

nature_web.JPG All around our “natural” yard are large leaves of Virgina Creeper


And small leaves of wood sorrel and clover


Trees are beautiful even in their light dancing on the bark:


Trees, gardens, bugs, nature all around me grab my attention and my camera.

During walks I find quaint gardens:







Trees are unique; one of my favorites is this pine hugging it’s partner:



Just little things that come to visit, like the toad on the doorstep.


Or that darn wasp who makes me empty out my cinnamon coffee:


Or the feather so bright white along the walkway, so small with the shadow just as delicate:


Or that pile of logs waiting for stacking.


Sometimes while driving, the landscape, sculpted by nature or man captures the immensity and beauty of our lands and our effects on it:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course, skies.


Always looking for the story and the fairy


So, anything of wonder, of nature or not, captures my eye. These are the “Ooh, Shiny” of my life. [Note: Grandkid pictures always grab my attention, but those go to our private chats :)]

And of course, on Monday, August 21st, one shiny light captured all our attention: eclipse:



Captured in the telescope arranged by the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area park rangers:


So, what are your amazing “shiny” distractions?


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  1. Very nice post. I wish I could see more of these natural distractions. Living in the city we see a lot of concrete and skyscrapers but not enough of natures beauty.

    • Thank you for sharing about the difficulties in the city to find little bits of nature. I know that as buildings age and cost more to keep up, that funding is difficult for small things like planters inside, and flower pots or trees outside. It seems we could do a better job of that though, doesn’t it? I enjoyed your post about the Wahiba sands in Oman, where even there, a bit of green adds to the beauty of its colorful sands. Our area is actually semi-arid, so in many areas, the hills are covered with sagebrush. Thanks again for reading.

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