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SOL Corners

Corners. A turn, a change, an obstacle, a support.

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is corner. It’s a choice to participate, but when you know it, and you drive to the beach to cool off and squish one’s bare feet in the sand, and on the beach is a corner someone has created with logs, you’ve got to participate.


Then, across the lake on the bench of sand created by an ancient glacier are triangles of soil down the bench to the water. See the triangle below behind the uncornered wigwam, a relic of an old saw mill that was used to burn the sawdust [before we we compressed sawdust into plywood].

soiltrianglecornerun corner.JPG

Then when you turn around to view the corner edges of the basalt flow cliffs, a Ponderosa Pine tree displays its branches turning up towards the sky, forming a branch corner.


And, when spreading out the lunch on the weathered picnic table, the corners of letters carved the name HEATHER.


Just one visit to the beach — if something is in your mind, there it is.

This week’s Chamber of Commerce met on the beach, on the corner of the lake/river/reservoir Lake Roosevelt. Corners on the backs of the chairs, corners in the shadows on the sand. Corners across the lake on the basalt edges.


Later in the week, on a Saturday drive, we discovered the Two Rivers Marina, whose marina roofs formed impressive blue corners.


How fortunate we are that our rivers and dams are contained, that nature has not wreaked havoc on us as the tropical storm in Houston, southern Texas, and Louisiana. The water didn’t turn the corners; it filled and flowed and displayed its power over the people’s places. And as Americans, we find ways to help.

Corner some resources and help Houston, Southern Texas, Louisiana:

Places listed by NPR

Places listed by New York Times

Places listed by Houston Chronicle



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