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SOL17 DoodleaDay 3

March 1: Pow! Another punch to the people: attack on protecting our air, water, and land: Cut funding to the Environmental Protection Agency by one-fifth! Read the Washington Post article. Most of the EPA funds are directly paid to states: that means jobs and programs to protect the environment in every state and many Native American reservations will be lost, not to mention what will happen to our environment.

Why did we have the EPA? Read an archive of the history here, although the site may be taken down by the current president who wants to erase history, real factual history.  The history of the Clean Water Act is here. The Verge wrote an excellent article filled with links to explain the reasoning and facts of success for our environment by the EPA: When rivers caught fire and bald eagles were poisoned: why we need the Environmental Protection Agency.

One of the projects was The Love Canal Tragedy. Be vigilant in watching your communities for new outbreaks of pollution. It may take citizens to be the watchdog. And we aren’t the only country where citizens protect the earth. The Ford Foundation shares the story of an heroic, yet tragic citizen in Honduras. Berta Cáceres was murdered for her work to protect her community’s forests and rivers. The good news is that more women are stepping up and through their continued efforts are ensuring changes will occur.

Back in November. The Guardian wrote an article about this issue, which includes suggestions for actions.  Larry Ferlazzo [his website is so filled with resources] provides tons of resources for the environment on his Earth Day page, which he updates.

And, for music, here are 20 Earth Day songs.

My doodling song: Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell




You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone!



Look today.

Look now.

Take a breath.

Enjoy it’s freshness.

Write today

Write what you see

Take the time

Record the view.

Write tomorrow.

Write the change

Take the actions

Protect our environment.



You don’t know what you’ve got

‘Til it’ gone.


Part of Slice of Life 2017 by The Two Writing Teachers

Part of DoodleaDay by Royan Lee— today: animal + emotion

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  1. It’s hard to say engaged and optimistic when every friggin’ day, another dismantling of programs designed to protect the most vulnerable of us is torn asunder. Thanks for the song list. Staying connected to friends like you is keeping me strong, and staying engaged will ultimately lead to change. But until then … the Swamp Runneth Over.

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