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SOL17 DoodleaDay 2

I have, I now understand, taken for granted the idea of freedom and the idea that my country was the greatest on earth, to which people around the world dreamed of becoming a part of one day. And many came to save their families from their worlds, and now we, whose Stature of Liberty welcomes them, we, whose descendants were immigrants or refugees, we treat them as enemies. That’s what it appears we are doing.

Read the data about immigrants by Media Matters: they are less likely to commit crimes. There is certainly no valid reason for creating a list of immigrant crimes: Media Matters. A Canadian friend shared this article in the Toronto Star in which the first paragraph explains how these disparaging lies and this list are just like Hitler in Nazi Germany.

And it’s not just immigrant and refugees: it’s health care, voting rights, environmental protections, and civil rights that seem to be disappearing slowly, but surely.

So for doodling today, I chose “Chimes of Freedom” by Bob Dylan in Another Side of Bob Dylan to listen to while I doodle. The song shares images of the downtrodden underdogs as a the narrator ducks into a doorway in a thunderstorm which eventually subsides, the thunderous chimes give way to hope as chimes of freedom.

As I was listening, an article from Huffington Post appeared in my notifications that a 22-year-old woman, who arrived here with her mother at age seven and who spoke to the media about her hopes for herself and others, was arrested and will be deported. I found this a shameful action on our part. For all her years since she was seven, she’s been an American.

So, I am wrong about my country. Someone has changed it. And my heart breaks for the “tongues with no place to bring their thoughts” because we arrest them for speaking up about their dreams as a free person in the United States, which they thought was the greatest country on earth. We were once the role model for human rights; that is no longer true, as this incident denied her rights as a human being. Are we not all enraged and sad?

For resources on immigrants and resources, see Larry Ferlazzo’s post.


Chimes of Freedom Dying
“Lock her up” is their call

Lock every one up

Refugee, immigrant,

Perhaps you and me.

Freedom dying.

Call them rapists

Call them criminals

Ignore the facts

Knowledge, a closed door.

Freedom dying.

Hunt them down

Deport them.

Flight from death, they came

Dreaming of U.S. freedom’s light.

Freedom dying.

Other leading countries

with health care provided,

Instead, in the US

GOP says that’s dead.

Freedom dying.

Greedily corporations

Polluted our water, air, and land

So rules these abated

Now, the president says NO!

Freedom dying.

Every help from progress,

Humane and civilized,

Now totally deconstructed,

Power-punch the people: pow!

Freedom dying.


Important note:

I want to thank Karen Fasimpaur‏ @kfasimpaur and Helen J DeWaard‏ @hj_dewaard for their tweets which have provided me a way to get back into writing as I try to find understanding and solace is this underworld we find ourselves in.


Part of Slice of Life 2017 by The Two Writing Teachers

Part of DoodleaDay by Royan Lee— today: lines, circles, shapes

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2 thoughts on “SOL17 DoodleaDay 2 Leave a comment

  1. Thank you for this post. I’m so saddened about the (temporary) direction of the country. I have hope it is temporary, temporary chimes of freedom dying. (In 2016 Millennials voted 63% for Clinton or a third-party candidate.) We’ve had 240 years of freedoms dying and then freedoms ringing again.

    Your drawing, poetry and prose are touching and important. I’m so encouraged by people taking stands and saying no to the insanity. You have inspired me for today’s Slice of Life.

    With blessings and hope,

    • Hi Denise, Every time I think some good change will happen, something else punches us. But that is their plan: keep us complaining and divided. Until we reach out together and find common ground, our democracy will devolve to an authoritarian state. I’m hoping the young people will be energized to be active citizens who understand social and environmental justice, which is something the current administration cannot even consider. Your words encourage me, however. Hope. Hope.

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