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SOL17 DoodleaDay

Surviving the paralyzing inhumanity I feel in the country today, I have finally found solace in a daily activity for the month of March found in a tweet by @royanlee.

As his intro explains, just doodle while listening to a song and share the doodle with the #doodleaday hashtag. Tie this in with Slice of Life by the Two Writing Teachers, and discover a distraction that will help focus thoughts that will help clear the mind for positive action in bringing our country back to its greatness, through our humanity of caring for our neighbors and strangers and the earth as a whole world, one planet for all. I mean that by doodling each day to music that soothes or inspires, the creative juices will flow towards the positive. By writing a slice of one’s life, a moment of the every day, the humanity will shine past the worry. Then, the focus can be on action. Whether Trump’s greatness is your greatness, or the values of our country before November 9th are your greatness — work to make that greatness. Hopefully, that will mean caring for others and the earth.

This is my slice, doodle, and hope for today, March 1st. I am not an artist, so my doodles will be a mess, but they will probably improve throughout the month. I listened to John Lennon’s Imagine, because I must imagine a world in peace, a world where we invite and welcome all people, a world where we conserve and preserve our Mother Earth, a world built on hope and love, and not fear, especially fear of others. I had set a goal in January to write every day, to write a Slice of Life every Tuesday, but my heart was broken, broken at the the death of my son and broken by the loss of hopefulness and love in my country. But this simple step of creative hope must be a way to get my hopes up again. I hope.

And I thank Royan Lee for the inspiration!


And, A poem: Imagine

Living in a world

Where children don’t

Grow to adulthood

From the horrors

Of the evil around you.


Dreaming of a country

Where children do

Grow to adulthood

For the hope that lives

In the opportunities around you.


Sending your child

Walking thousands of miles

To slip away from death

And into freedom

By the only way available.


It happened in the 1930’s in Germany.

It’s happening in Latin America today.

It’s happening.

Would you save your child?

Would you send that child back?

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9 thoughts on “SOL17 DoodleaDay Leave a comment

  1. I love that you found solace in the doodle, and then inspiration for a poem, with Lennon’s musical energy running through it all.

  2. Lovely, Sheri. I sent to a Cuban friend in Texas who volunteers with just these women and children. I was thinking about you yesterday and that you were bound to be slicing. Came looking…found you…and Kevin too

    • Hi Vanessa, Yes, I’m Slicing in a way and trying to doodle as a way to get through these days. Thanks for sharing and checking in. Always good to hear from you.

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