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SOLSC 2015: Day 17

Love this advice on St Patrick’s day — it works for any day!

My Little Slices of Life!

A lot of today was crazy sucky. So it’s a great thing I bought myself a card especially for days like this a few weeks ago. This is the time of year where, even during a great school year, things can get crazy and stressful. So I’m glad I tried to prepare a little. It’s a cute card and I love the front of it, so I’m just going to share that today. Focus on what’s going well, right?!

Apparently, all you need to know about life you can learn from a leprechaun. Here’s the great advice:

  • Life is too short for long faces.
  • When you’re happy- sing.
  • When you’re sad- sing louder!
  • Expect magic to happen, and it will.
  • If you can’t find a rainbow, paint your own.
  • The word “impossible” is NOT an Irish word.
  • Never walk so tall that you can’t see the “wee folk.”
  • If you’re feeling…

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