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#sol15 The Old Lady Screamed


Excited today. My students are writers, novice, but delightful and encouraged. We write in Kidblogs stories, summaries, reading responses, thank you letters to presenters. We’re even writing for #sol15, but not everyday.

What’s exciting? One student downloaded the Kidblog App, brought his iPhone to class, and asked me to help him set it up. Next — he posted his first photo!  Notice the Mark Twain quote on the wall? We’ve been working on elaboration, “showing,” not telling.  I was glad he caught that.

I love it– future writer and blogger!

Image: Sheri Edwards

Staged photo: a team of us were really stuck in an elevator for about an hour! We had fun!

solFor more slices, visit the gracious hosts at Two Writing Teachers to read other “slices.”

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  1. It feels so good when we see our students grow as writers. You give them the opportunities to write adn tehy run with it. Feel proud of their success!

    • Thank you. I’m amazed at how much better they are at thinking on the computer as they type. Sometimes we draft first, but we’re practicing “thinking on our fingers.”

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