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#sol15 Bloggers


So excited. Students ask to blog. Yesterday, they bounded into the room, only to see an entry task.

“Aren’t we s’pose to ‘slice’?”

“Yeah! We’re s’pose to do our challenge.”


“You’re right. Let’s get started,” I replied.

Today, the same thing, but now they were excited to know we have blogging friends in Japan. One of my #clmooc #etmooc colleagues and friends, Bart Miller, shared his students’ Kidblog. My fifth students were amazed at the videos and food and ideas on their posts; they read posts together, watched videos together, and then wrote comments.

The best part: the posts from our new friends gave my students ideas about what to write.

Two too good days — real days with real readers and writers. Not test prep, but life prep.


Image Source Student Drawing

For more slices, visit the gracious hosts at Two Writing Teachers to read other “slices.”

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