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#sol15 PAX is


PAX is peace, happiness, health, and productivity. How do you get that? By acting PAX. That’s what the Harrah Elementary School students and staff live: they act in ways that help the world be healthful, happy, peaceful, and productive. They envision what that world would look like, sound like, act like, and feel like. Then they behave that way: being kind, do their work well, helping others. By bettering the world, they better themselves. You can read more about that here and here.

Yesterday’s slice was about time — and taking the time to travel with colleagues to visit another school who already implemented  the program we have started.

The teaching profession is filled with people willing to share what works, to open their doors and say, “Come in. I’m not perfect, but let me share what’s working. Let’s talk about it and make it better.” It’s awesome. And it’s nothing like what the media and anti-education over-testing education reformers portray. It’s humanity in action: the willingness to go beyond — to do more than a lesson, to guide students into kind, helpful, caring, productive, and sharing people who will make the world better. And sometimes that means listening, learning the story behind those eyes, and making sure the person behind those eyes are safe and welcome.

That’s what I saw on our visit, and that’s why eighty percent of our staff went on their break to visit. Different teachers and teaching styles all work together to build a culture of caring that promotes productivity in learning. I saw the results in the student smiles, the student work, the sharing by students of PAX and their lessons, and the halls filled with PAX work.

And we’re sharing our work together in Google Drive — building a connection between our distant schools, an extended network extends that culture.



For more slices, visit the gracious hosts at Two Writing Teachers to read other “slices.”



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  1. What a wonderful philosophy on which to base a school! Thank you for linking the additional info. You have piqued my interest, and I will be reading more.

  2. How great that this school will work with you through the process! Too often we see the end of all the hard work put in and expect our results to be instantaneous because that’s what was witnessed. They will be the voice that reminds you to keep working toward that goal.

  3. I am struggling with the 9pm time too! I know I should plan ahead, but the day evaporates! It is inspiring to read how much your teachers and school work together! Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to explore your blog!

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