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#sol15 Already 3:30 WordPress and Flickr


Life Happens

I know. I should be able to plan ahead and write a draft for tomorrow today so I can meet the 9:00 PM deadline [12:00 PM Eastern], but that is not happening.

I had today off, but again worked on school plans to connect us with another school in Google Drive — developing shared docs and spreadsheets with directions. So it really wasn’t a day off.

And the title was drafted at 3:30, but now it’s 5:00 because “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” [John Lennon]

Ok, now the directions to adding an image don’t work.

Image Question

Here’s a question I have and maybe some of you WordPress dot com gurus can help me. Why can’t I enter the URL that Flickr gives me to insert a picture? It never works.  Why doesn’t the embed code that Flickr gives me ever work?  The images never appear.  Doesn’t it seem that such a fantastic blogging platform like WordPress would work with a fantastic photo platform like Flickr? There’s probably an easy answer.

Technology is never easy. Our family is pretty Geeky, each of us in different ways. But there’s always some bug, like this Flickr image thing that doesn’t work.

Alright, for those of you wondering the same thing, I’ve done the research on Flickr. Again. Here are the results:

Adding Images:


The above is the link from Flickr from my image; as you can see, you get a link, but it won’t insert the image as the directions  in the support document say — not in visual and not in html.

Instead, you have to work to get the correct link. You must click the download button by your Flickr image and then click “View all sizes.”  Choose the size you want and then right/click [control/click] and choose “Copy  image URL.” This is the URL you need to paste into its own line in the visual edit mode. That’s what I had to do to get this, which inserts my image when I pasted that link into its own line [visual mode]:

So, in order to use my Flickr photos, I need to follow the directions I discovered — not the support documents from WordPress or Flickr.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t link to the photostream and author, so you still need to site your source.

Surely, I must be wrong.

What I’d really like to see is a plugin to my Flickr or Google Photos – or to a Creative Commons search — in the Media Library.  Wouldn’t that be cool?

And that’s my slice today — time and learning WordPress; hope I’ve helped a few.

For more slices, visit the gracious hosts at Two Writing Teachers to read other “slices.”

Image Credits:

Slice of Life: Slice of Life logo to use created by Two Writing Teachers

Lennon Quote: LIfe Happens quote by John Lennon created by teach.eagle on Flickr

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  1. Oh my, this is a frustrating situation. Sorry I can’t help you with this issue. I only use pictures that I take and they are on my computer, so it’s easy to insert. Your image is really cool, wish I knew how to create images like that. I think this takes more skill than I have at this time.

    • I create my images on my Mac in Keynote and export them to a .png or .jpg as an image. Keynote is like PowerPoint; if you are on a PC you could use that, although I know that Keynote has some features that PowerPoint doesn’t, which is why I love it.

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