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#sol15 Time Rambling


Teachers don’t have enough of it.  And neither do students. At least time for students to pursue their passions and interests and develop their talents.

Today I am writing my slice early. I have a school visit a few of the staff are attending. We leave right after school to drive about four hours, stay the night, and then rise early to drive to the school who is graciously sharing their program with us.  It’s mid-winter break, but we’re going. Our district is paying for the time and trip.

Still, we’ll be away from our families.  We’ll be away from pursing our passions.

For some of us, teaching is our passion — and so we give our time in the evenings and on breaks; we slip away from our families and read and check that last paper from a student.

I’m excited for this trip – a chance to see other teachers in action and to share with colleagues how that will play out in our school. This is time well-spent.

Yet times have changed — we have Skype and Google Plus — we can hang out or watch others in real time or recorded. I spend much time on those — and Classroom Live 2.0 on Saturday mornings at 9 Pacific.

In a the 7th twitter chat last night, a member noted that there we were, chatting about school at 8:00 PM on a Tuesday night. And we discussed this


Yes. We need more time for teachers and students to learn together without that test prep mentality. Time — it eludes us. And so today, I’m off to learn with my students after rambling on…. and then learn with colleagues to improve that learning time.

Time. Not enough.

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4 thoughts on “#sol15 Time Rambling Leave a comment

  1. Time is often squandered during a school day. We need to be cognizant of what is sucking the time away from what our students need to learn.
    Teachers do give of their time to learn and create an environment for our students. I hope you enjoy and learn in your time away.

  2. Enjoy your visit. I always am invigorated by visiting other schools. It’s easy to gt so isolate din our classrooms, it does us good to get out and see what others are doing. Thanks.

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