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Daily Index 01.16.23

01.16.23 The Daily Index



Water, water everywhere:
Droplet tons floating above,
Bound waterway for dry lands,
Draped crystals frozen in time,
Still, a scant significance
for the semi-arid—
Yet, an essential:
Minimally hydrated
For which we give thanks.

Sheri Edwards
01.16.23 016.365.23

Winter Ice on Banks Lake with spotted, flowing clouds and snow-covered shoreline

Daily Create  

Daily Create Prompt:  #DS106  #tdc4021  #clmooc  #dailycreate Book Title

Listening again [and again]: DUNE by Frank Herbert, my wind-down in the evening, a bit of out-of-this-world distraction and imagination

January Doodle

Another Sarah Watts #sketchbooksquad Challenge— a vase of sunflowers

I choose a section and was not sure how to represent it, but then I began the contour drawing in white— in a silk painting style with lots of texture and colors to create the shadows and highlights.


portion of a bouquet of sunflowers in oranges, red, and yellows with a dark background in a silk painting style

 #januarydoodle  #jandoodle #cldoodle23  #warmup4art #clmooc  #sketchbooksquad #sunflowers #silkpainting #ipadartwithjennifernichols 

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