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Moving Day

Sheri by her computer with the Art Blog I Wonder If I  draw a line... on display.

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I started this blog on July 30, 2008. I love the title: Ask What Else. I wonder… ask what else. I’m always asking myself, my students, everyone — what else? What else could we do, create, make, solve, repair, revise, etc. You get the picture: As long as we’re living, we can make life, relationships, connections, everything better if we don’t settle for that first idea or for what happens.

But– I’ve filled it up. When I started and until recently, I didn’t get the idea of “resolution.” LOL. So I’ve uploaded over the years full sized images and now after twelve years of writing and sharing about education, photography, slices of life, writing, poetry– I’ve met my Premium quota. Word Press won’t let you buy additional storage anymore. So the price jump to the next level is quite extreme — from $8 /month to $25/month.

And, my life now is creating and art, and I’ve an Art Blog, which I wanted to keep separate from my personal and very liberal beliefs on supporting each human with the dignity to walk their own paths with just as much choice and opportunity as the next person. But, I want to keep my Art Blog going and keep up my three daily goals: Daily Create, Poetry, Doodle. It’s all creative, so I’m moving.

I’m moving my “The Daily” to my art blog as its own category with subcategories of Daily Create, Doodle, and Poetry. My art blog will display under its blog just my Art Blog posts, with a menu to include the above.

I want to thank my readers and subscribers for all your support, and I hope you pop over to my new blog to subscribe and read and comment and join me in celebrating life and art and poetry together there.

We’ll see if it works out– but for now I’ll keep posting here without adding pictures or content and instead will share links to the new posts on the art blog.

So this blog isn’t going away, it’s just going to be an index, I guess, to The Daily.

After all, I’ve got keep this success going: 1288 days of posts in a row!

So the first Index:


Daily Create 

Make Noise

September Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

#makingarteveryday 36 Wednesday and Thursday prompt: Notebook and Globe


Moving Day

Sheri Edwards, I Wonder If I Draw A

Moving Day

Filled the Ask What Else blog of mine
With education, writing, art: all kinds;
Daily Create, Write, Doodles of mine
Moves now to I Wonder If I Draw A Line

Sheri Edwards
090822 253.365.22

I hope you can follow the line from this blog to the art blog of The Daily ! See you there!

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Geeky Gramma ~~
Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
Writer and Thinker~~
Art from the Heart

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