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Daily Digest 01.10.23

01.10.23 The Daily Index


Stand Alone

Listen to Grandfather Rock
Once flowing, now frozen columns
In layers on layers and on and on
But for one, apart, reaching for the sky:
Sometimes we must stand alone.

Sheri Edwards
01.10.23 010.365.23

Ancient basalt lava flow in columns with one apart below grey skies and above grassland in the bed of ancient Dry Falls, WA

Daily Create  

Daily Create Prompt:  #DS106  #tdc4015  #clmooc  #dailycreate Twitter Trends

Follow your heart trend instead.


Twitter Trents

Trend Truth and Love

A trend? Or an algorithm?

In any moment, they change. Let them twitter away. 

Follow your own truths and find sources of truth— and read between the lines of bias, opinion, propaganda, and the money propping it up to find the grain of fact.

Paint your own picture of truth, one that honors the good, the public good, and the hope that “liberty and justice for all” is the heart of your artful truth— in poetry, art, music, dance, etc. Paint the world in love.

Trend truth and love in your timeline, life time.


January Doodle

Another Sarah Watts #sketchbooksquad Challenge— anemone

 #januarydoodle  #jandoodle #cldoodle23  #warmup4art #clmooc  #sketchbooksquad #anemone


one anemone blossom with two leaves and sprigs of small white buds

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