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Daily Index 11.27.22

11.27.22 The Daily Index



In the world we go
Seeing forward so
All we struggle for
all the days of yore
so a better world today
and worries we allay
help generation next
solve whatever test
the world throws their way
our path for them we lay
For all our precious cubs
The kids, the future’s hub.

Sheri Edwards
11.27.22 332.365.22

two children’s  bikes laying on their side  just off the sidewalk on the lawn with the post poem, Hub.

Daily Create 

Daily Create Prompt: #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3971 Pins and Needles

The mothers don’t want to bring their children they need to. …That need will never cease until employers pay decent wages! There ought to be a law assuring minimum pay, as well as one limiting hours worked!

~ Frances Perkins

First Woman to Serve in the U.S. Cabinet: Secretary of Labor


November Doodle

A little vintage retro holiday greeting, part 3— With shading added to the textured background


retro mid-century style winter illustration in squares and rectangles of winter colors with snowy mountains, star, gingerbread cookie, sled, mittens, snowy tree, snowflakes and ornament that says winter’s coming—background squares are textured and elements are shaded

#makingarteveryday  #novemberdoodle #cldoodle22  #warmup4art #clmooc  #holidays #winter 

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