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Daily Index 11.20.22

11.20.22 The Daily Index


Cat Play

Eyes wide
Yet, in play, calmly aloof,
Ears alert
And, as bored, nudges to taunt
Just a tap or perhaps a firm swat:
All practice for an outdoor jaunt.

Sheri Edwards
11.20.22 325.365.22

The wild little kitten we have needs entertainment. That’s her blue tunnel on the left as she leans against it to leisurely play Bat the Ball.  She doesn’t even need to look at the ball — she sets her paw in position and decides whether to tap it or bat it, all the while aware of everything else happening around her. 

Cats are amazing.

Daily Create 

Daily Create Prompt: #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3964

Stir it up


a pot on the stove of vegetable soup with carrots, cauliflower rice, bok choy with leaves, and celery. A pink pig lid holder and a lime  green spoon rest on the pot.


November Doodle

Owl in Flight

A Live Draw class from the Creative Journey Community with Jennifer Nichols of Leila and Po Studio.

I learned a wonderful technique of smudging with a streaky dry brush [provided in class].


owl with wings outstretched beneath a wispy sky and crescent moon above a winter landscape of bare, but partially lit trees from the moonlight, which also highlights the top of the owl and its wings

#makingarteveryday  #novemberdoodle #cldoodle22  #warmup4art #clmooc #ipadartwithjennifernichols 

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