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Daily Index 11.14.22

11.14.22 The Daily Index


Pumpkin Munching

On the porch a Jack O’Lantern
A push and crack! it’s a scattering
“What?” “Not me” the doe exclaims
With face all full of pumpkin remains.

Sheri Edwards
11.14.22 319.365.22

mule deer doe munching on open pumpkin, startled at human taking the picture as it turns to look with it’s head covered in pumpkin pulp.

Daily Create 

Prompt: #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3958

80s Retro Album Cover, Bowie style remix


November Doodle

Wood Sorrel


“The wood sorrel brighten whenever the shadow appears in strength and the fairies will sprint and spread their light in streams…And below them the wood sorrel spread, each petal bending back towards the ground and spurting brightness up past the columbine and up into the shadow… 

“Soon the wood sorrel covered the entire ground and a flow of yellow and white and blue flashes rushed among them and then swirled and spiraled back towards the river with the shadow following in angry bursts of thunder bombs, not sound— but blasts of dark.”

So Says the Moonbeam
Sheri Edwards 11.14.22 NaNoWriMo

Wood Sorrel of yellow with its green heart leaves surrounded in the remnants of fairies dancing and swirling in greens, blues, yellows, orange over a background of purple with shadow in the lower left and light in the upper right.

#makingarteveryday  #novemberdoodle #cldoodle22  #warmup4art #clmooc #NaNoWriMo  #woodsorrel #fairies 

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