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Daily Index 11.12.22

11.12.22 The Daily Index

Poetry And November Doodle

When Autumn Forgot

In the year 2022
climate rang a different tune
an October of eighty degrees
autumn forgot to paint the leaves
green they stayed and green they fell
all at once and this foretells
the stranger things ahead, unsought,
stranger than when autumn forgot.

Sheri Edwards
11.12.22 317.365.22

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.


  digital illustration of green leaves on sidewalk with blazing November sun which is shining in freezing weather after October’s eighty degrees when autumn forgot to paint the leaves yellow

Daily Create 

#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3956

Emily Dickinson asks us to “Tell all the truth but tell it slant

When you want your kids 

to like white beans, 

suggest they are 

little potatoes 

DC3956 Tell Truth But On A Slant

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