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Daily Index 11.07.22

11.07.22  The Daily Index

Daily Create and Poetry

Daily Create Prompt:
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What will you do for humanity?

See through to the heart
More alike than not

More Alike
See the face and see within
More alike than agin
May we again our hands to shake
Building kins’ future sake.

050622 127.365.22
Alt text
palm of hand painted left half blue right half red with poem in text below

Which led to this poem:

Be Helpful:


Be Helpful: See Through

See through to the heart
More alike than not

Sheri Edwards
11.07.22 313.365.22

Alt Text
painterly, stylized photo of a crowd picnicking in front of Grand Coulee Dam for a Festival of America celebration July 4th, 2014

Daily Create and Poetry here:

November Doodle 

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

a little bird in digital woodcut

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folk lore type woodcut block print image of styled bird in teal on white background

About the Move to The Daily Index:

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