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Daily Index 11.02.22

Sunflowers Deer Park

11.02.22 The Daily Index


We Have Known

What if the path chosen to hike
through a meadow up the rocky hill
past the wildflowers blooming free:
clover, yarrow, lupine, and more
then stopped so suddenly
at a homestead built stone by stone
with echos of the struggles left
of a home now tumbling down—
of distant cries of daily toil
of laughter when they’d joy
of worries when a sickness strikes
of music when life was blessed
and see that times of those long gone
held all of life’s hurt and hope
held them, faced them, and moved on
like those that we have known.

Sheri Edwards
11.02.22 308.365.22

basalt and granite hillside covered in grasses and wildflowers with an old stone homestead in the ravine, crumbling with age

Daily Create  

#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3946 Explain Everything

Q: What gave scientists the idea of harmful fog —  smog?

Magic Realism Bot Answer: A detective novel in which the killer turns out to be a cloud.

 October Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

“Look what we found, after the wall ends.” Jade started walking in a spiral, following the stones in the ground and ending on a large, flat yellow boulder, where she stood with her hands up to the sky, twirling in circles, singing, “with the fairies’ light and dance!”


“Joseph continued his trek along the single row of black stones, and just before he reached the yellow boulder he paused. There were three long obsidian oblongs he had not noticed before, around the yellow circle boulder, making it the same symbol as the one on the vessel found in the archeological dig.”


A sun with three black rays and one ray is an upside down question mark

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