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Daily Index 10.31.22

NaNoWriMo So Says the Dragon character Olivia

10.31.22 The Daily Index


Mend the Moment

Follow the sun and the shadows
Blues and purples and more
The yellows and reds of the meadows
Colors the world will adore
Colors that mend the moment
For hearts and minds askance
Transforming the days’ torments
With the fairies’ light and dance.

Sheri Edwards
10.31.22 306.365.22
Excerpt “So Says the Dragon”
Song of Olivia

#clmooc #NaNoWriMo #smallpoems Mend the Moment: Olivia’s Song

meadow of yellow flowers with a road curving into the picture at right into a grove of far away trees

Daily Create  

#clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3944 Happy Halloween

What do we do for Halloween?

We help our neighbors with funds, and send the treaters their way.


two houses: one all decked out for Halloween, and the next house sending them there: young neighbors and old neighbors collaborating on Halloween

 October Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

Mushrooms: Draw this in your own style—

@leila_and_po #jennifernichols10k #dtiys  #warmup4art #clmooc #cldoodle22 #makingarteveryday #octdoodle #octoberdoodle



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