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Daily Index 10.29.22

Columbia River / Lake Rufus Woods North end of Columbia Basin
Columbia River further north, past Nespelem

10.29.22  The Daily Index

Poetry and October Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

  • a doodle in pencil on paper: the Great Basin Rye Grass of the Columbia 
  • And A Poem

North, Above the River

North, an evening drive
no sun will blind our eyes
Above the river go
left, up the dirt road
through the prairie grass we wind,
wondering what sights we’ll find,
Moses Mountain in the clouds
past the river’s call, once loud;
Ever higher, through ancient hills
curving back, the sight does thrill:
the mighty river flows below
the autumn grasses in golden glow.

Sheri Edwards
10.29.22 304.365.22

North, Above the River


Looking south at the Columbia River on the northernmost part of the Columbia Basin along Lake Rufus Woods over the shrub-steppe ecosystem and its prairie grasses. Moses Mountain is behind us when looking northeast.


Great Basin Rye Grass— a native grass in the Columbia Basin and shrub-steppe ecosystem

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