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The Daily Index 10.21.22

10.21.22 The Daily Index

Daily Create and Poetry

Grandfather Sycamore

A sapling planted
Near the Columbia
Flowing free
At Eighty-eight
No more sees salmon
Yet knows less flooding
More fields of irrigated crops
And electricity to light, heat, and cool:
Loss and gain
The sycamore
knows change.

Sheri Edwards
10.21.22 296.365.22

Grandfather Cottonwood

Sacred and honored,
Cottonwood knew
the herds of buffalo
grazing along the Big Muddy
Missouri banks
Where its posts sheltered, strengthened
Hidatsa and Mandan earth lodges
And warmed them with its fire in the bitter
of Dakota winters.

Sheri Edwards
10.21.22 296.365.22

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Leaf Map


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October Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

A Brenda Bakker Skillshare Project

Ida Eyes— from Brenda’s class “Illustrated Characters” – so fun, and a new technique for shading.


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October #writeout 

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