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August Doodle Abstract Update

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August Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

Abstract Update

Today, I took my previous abstract, which I considered a failure, and took the advice of Pam Brisse in my art group. She suggested several things to do as abstract art is one of her styles.

Her suggestions and my response:

  • tone down some areas with shape / doodle stamps: I drew in some shapes and added some doodle patterns
  • Let some areas show through, but have some “rest your eyes” spaces: I added a few horizontal “flow” lines throughout and few lighter blotchy areas on the right to add a bit of dark/light balance and pull the eye through to the new shaped areas
  • add a color layer: I added a solid pink layer at top and set it to saturation, which added just the right pink tone to the whole image
  • be aware of contrast of every type, color, texture, size, temperature, places that draw the eye, places that let it rest…chaos calm,etc.: I tried to do this through out with the above additions. I think the “cross plaid” areas are to prominent still, but I’ll need to figure out that. Perhaps a solid or blended area over the top of that crossed area beneath the stem of the flower will help.

I feel much better about it, but I think that cross/plaid area beneath the stem does need to be toned down a bit, so I’ll work on it. Pattern brushes are from Jennifer Nichols and the abstract brushes are from Delores Naskrent’s class.

Here’s the before / after:

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